Current Version: v1.0.0004

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  • Features
  • Open file and paste text to be read from many formats.
  • Set speech alias or pronunciation for any word.
  • Control the speed of the delay between sentences.
  • Convert text to audio files in Wav or MP3 format
  • Read selected text from any application, using clipboard.
  • Ability to change the display font and the font size
  • Ability to change the zoom of the document.

ReadX Plus is a Text To Speech software powered by Microsoft TTS voices. It's outstanding during play, learning, relaxation or at work! Thanks to ReadX you can listen to books, news reports, emails, web articles and you can also create an audiobook. The audiobooks, mails or other documents can be generated onto an MP3 or Wave audio format to be carried with you on your iPod or other audio players.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $9.99. You can download and get a free trial before you buy. The full version allows you to have no limit on how many lines you can paste into the program. If you want to get a full version of ReadX Plus you can click the Buy Now button below. You will recieve an email with your registration key once your order is finalized.

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